Hi! I'm Sonja McDowell

I love photography and I'm really happy you're here!

I deeply value inclusivity, diversity, love, and growth. And I always strive to create a seamless experience for my clients with top-notch communication and efficiency throughout our entire time working together and beyond.

From consultation to photo gallery delivery, I aim to make your experience the best and show you that you’re genuinely cared for and important. I want this experience to exceed all expectations! I'm honored and excited to be your photographer!

More About Me

What's Your Story?

I see God in every human being. ~Mother Teresa

Pricing & Packages

Package 1

One Hour Individual or Family portrait session at one location. Glamour, style, or formal portraits. Includes a digital download of 100 photos, numerous prints and giftbook options, personal online photo gallery.


Package 2

Two Hour Professional Business package for company portfolios or marketing/branding use at up to two locations. Includes a digital download of 150 photos, stationary and print options, and personal online photo gallery.


Package 3

Professional customized photo shoots for family weddings, vacation photos, special events and celebrations, and business groups. Contact me for customized pricing.

Starting at $1500

Capturing Memories

Every life is a unique story

Photography allows you to capture memories, stories, and different perspectives. The purpose of photography is to communicate and document moments in time. A photo freezes a moment, which leads to a story of the person, environment, animal, or landscape.

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“We can see in creation the greatness and beauty of God. All who love mountains and waterfalls and oceans, all who climb and dive and photograph the wonders of nature —all these people see God.”

Additional Package Options

Glamour Shot Photo Session

Treat yourself to a personalized glamour shot photo session that shows off the beautiful and amazing person that you are. Includes 100 downloadable photos and an online gallery, plus print options for framed photos and poster size pieces.

from: $1000


Celebrate your special events with professional photographs that preserve the memories of those cherished moments forever. Contact me for customized pricing.

from $500

Maternity or Newborn

Professional customized photography sessions to capture your once in a lifetime moments. Includes 200 downloadable photos via an online gallery and gift and memento options.

from: $1500

Marketing & Image Branding

Are you looking to launch a new website or marketing campaign? Customized options for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Contact me for personalized marketing and publicity photo shoot pricing.

from: $750

“Something deep in all of us yearns for God's beauty, and we can find it no matter where we are.”

Which memories do you want to keep forever?

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